Кількість учасників 50-1500
Тривалість заходу 2-5
Місце проведення заходів Адаптується під різні простори, як закритого типу так і відкритого

An immersive online detective game where participants delve into the heart of a gripping mystery. Your mission? To crack codes, unearth clues, and piece together the puzzle that surrounds a daring crime.

As the night unfolds, tensions rise, and revelations surface. Witness the unveiling of truth as teams strive to outwit one another, meticulously gathering evidence and mapping out the intricate web of events. Gathered in a collective broadcast, teams present their theories as the host unravels the evening’s intrigue.

Set against the opulent backdrop of the ‘Brave Viking’ cruise liner, renowned for its lavishness and allure, the annual event – GRAND NEW YEAR CARNAVAL –  takes a dark turn when the main prized of a charity auction – ‘Heart of the Volcano’ – vanishes into thin air, leaving chaos in its wake. Amidst a gathering of elite guests spanning from oil magnates to notorious mafia figures, every passenger becomes a suspect.

Assume the role of detectives, scouring for clues, dissecting testimonies, and untangling a web of deception, betrayal, and enigma. Will your team be the one to crack the case and recover the elusive ‘Heart of the Volcano’? Join the pursuit of truth and unravel the secrets aboard the ‘Brave Viking’.”

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