Fairy tale quest

Number of participants about 200
Client Pari Match

Corporate costume quest for the company “Pari Matсh”.

As part of the quest, the participants felt like they were in a real fairytale land.

The tasks were dedicated to your favorite fairy tales, the moderators were in the form of fairy-tale heroes!

The highlight was the bonus task. To get extra points, players were asked to invent a fairy tale, make a photo illustration with the members of their team and send it to our storyteller.

At the end of the event, during the awarding of the winners, the participants received a “Pari Match Book of Tales” with their stories and illustrations created only a few hours ago.

In order to surprise and delight the client, our printing team produced an unparalleled result in the shortest possible time. Book covers were made of wood with exquisite carvings, kraft paper was used for printing, stories were decorated in the best traditions of vintage books.

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