Number of participants 1-5000
Event duration 2-3
Place of events Online

The same quest is only online) The quest is aimed at uniting the team, improving communication in the team, developing critical thinking, revealing leadership qualities and effectively dividing areas of responsibility.

Online quest is a new universal team building format. Participants do not need to leave home, because they will receive all the tasks of the quest in a special online game system. To participate in the game, you only need to have any device with Internet access. Participants join teams and receive a link to the game. By following the link, participants learn the rules of the quest, receive a start code that will start the quest. For internal team communication, participants can use “Zoom”, Telegram or other Internet platforms at their discretion. Teams get access to the online game system, in which tasks and hints for solving them appear. There is also a special field for entering the code.

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