Real – unreal quest

Number of participants 280
Customer UBI conference hall

We intricately styled each of the conference hall’s three floors with distinct themes. Utilizing advanced augmented reality tech, guests not only tackled the quest but also visualized various furniture arrangements within the space.

An electrifying neon-themed decor, spanning 600 m2, mesmerized attendees with its dynamic geometric shapes, lit up by ultraviolet devices and neon diode strips. Cleverly placed installations, integrated into quest challenges, amplified the futuristic vibe, while a central cube featuring a neon-bedecked performer added an extra dash of flair.

The top floor, boasting a terrace with stunning city views, set the stage for glamorous gala evenings and lively parties. Exuding sophistication, the design showcased elegant white and gold tones, complemented by an array of balloons and floral arrangements. Amidst the quest’s thrills, guests indulged in unique drinks and delectable snacks, capturing cherished memories with selfies and relishing an unforgettable evening

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