Olympic Games 5000

Number of participants about 2000
Customer NIX

If a corporate party looks like a Burning man-level event, this is a celebration of the Nix company. The concept of the celebration was the Olympic Games 5000, with massive competitions, a team quest and bonus tasks.

Detailed processing of scenery, images, costumes of game technicians and organizers. In the process of preparation, more than 100 stories and legends from Greek mythology were studied, which formed the basis of our team and individual tasks with thematic props and game mechanics.

15 tons of props and decorations, a week of preparation and installation on location, work of more than 100 people on the site on the day of the event.

Having completed the starting task and won the team “Hippolita’s Belt”, the participants rushed to the Forest Race, where more than 10 tasks for logic, speed and sports training awaited them. The obstacle course didn’t stop the teams who wanted to win at all costs! Teams received points earned during the competition in the form of carabiner rings, which they attached to their belts. And now the time has come for the bravest. The final battle is a contest of captains on the Main Lawn

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